What we do

Media Buying


PRINT : Ads, advertorials, creative buys, and created content for, in magazines, newspapers, and other print products.

TV: Spot buys, sponsorships, product placements, and created video capsules, for free-to-air TV, cable TV, and IP TV.

RADIO: Audio ads, time belt sponsorships, segment sponsorships, DJ engagement, mobile studios, and other formats on traditional and digital radio.

OOH: From billboards and wallscapes to transit and kiosks, we help you achieve efficient spend with targeted, timely tactics.


We use direct placements and programmatic buying, to deliver your message across these channels, to your audience.

DISPLAY & VIDEO: Open exchange, Private marketplace, Direct
SOCIAL: Marketplace ads, Promoted posts, Boosted posts, Lead gen
NATIVE: Contextual, Content, Instream/Outstream
MOBILE: Web banners and creative buys, In-app, SMS/MMS push, LBA
OUTREACH: Press release distribution, Guaranteed online news postings 
CONTENT: Branded content, Social posts, Infographics, Listicles, etc
INFLUENCERS: Power users, Influencers, Experts, Celebrities, Community